If you suffer from burn-out syndrome, you have to deal with many questions and problems. For this reason, you can be a psychologist or psychotherapist provide meaningful support.
Issues for burn-out people at risk:

* Which factors in my life conducive to burn-out?
* How can I see that I have reached my personal limits or exceeded?
* What measures and changes can prevent the short-term burn-out? Am I sick leave me?
* What measures should be taken long term and what changes should be implemented? How can I 

       structure my life balanced, to conserve my energy reserves?
Develop your personal best strategy to prevent burnout.
Issues for burn-out parties (acute phase):

* How can I stop the depletion of my energy reserves?
* What immediate action and changes in my life to prevent the worse the burn-out syndrome?
* How can I reduce my daily activities and stresses to relax me?

Issues for burn-out parties (recovery phase):

* Have I allowed enough time to now enter the recovery phase?
* How can I structure my life balanced, to relax me?
* What changes should I make, how can I change my habits?
* How will I live with the changes and new limits?

Issues for burn-out parties (after the burn-out):

* I have learned through the burn-out experience that my body's energy reserves are limited?
* What I learned from burn-out syndrome?
* How did it come to the burn-out?
* How can I structure my life balanced?
* Can I resume my normal life again and how? What specifically should I change in my life?
* My job is right for me? Have I made the right career choice?
* What can I do to avoid that I burn out again? Will I notice it in time, when I go to a new burn-out was headed? I will listen to my body? Or will I like it the first time ignore the symptoms and signs? How can I ensure that I am brake in time?
* What changes my habits are needed to reserve my strength not to strain beyond measure?
A burn-out syndrome often leads to the fact that you think about its own priorities.
The following issues are important:

* Balance:
o How can I restore a better balance of activity and relaxation, work and leisure time?
o How can I recharge your batteries?
Setting limits:
o Where would / should I set my own limits? What limits should I use another?
o How do I define myself to others more clearly?
* Priorities and values:
o Where are my priorities in life and what values ​​are important to me?
o Where does that come out and what impact will this have on my life?
o I translate in my life what is important to me?
* Limitations and restrictions:
o I'm really aware that my energy reserves are limited?
o Or do I still live as if I had unlimited energy reserves?
* Emergency brake:
o I listen to my body? If I take the symptoms seriously and signals?
o I know enough about the burn-out syndrome and myself to stop in time?
o Or do I need an effective emergency brake?
* Quality of sleep:
o I get enough sleep and the sleep is relaxing?

* Moderate exposure:
o If my daily activities of my physical condition appropriate?
o My daily schedule is structured balanced? Alternate activity and relaxation phases? Should I plan my day again?
* Therapy:
o Western medicine: When should I see a doctor to lose myself thoroughly check?
o Acupuncture: Do I need assistance / treatment to replenish my energy reserves?
o Physiotherapy and Massage: I suffer from tension or other physical problems that need to be treated?
o Food: Do I know enough about nutrition to support my body right?
o Psychotherapy: Do I need support to make my life more balanced and better economical with my power?
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Healthy eating is an important factor in the treatment of burn-out syndrome. Prolonged stress and constant overload have withdrawn from the body its last reserves of strength. During the recovery phase, you should pay attention to a perfectly balanced diet and reread and a nutrition adviser. Aspects you should:

* Eat healthily
* Look for easily digestible food
* Avoid foods that your body does not tolerate
* Provide variety in your diet
* Supplement your diet with vitamin and mineral supplements
In addition, you should of course put on healthy eating habits value.
Healthy diet and easily digestible food
Some foods are metabolized by the body in better energy than others. The digestion of red meat for example, requires a lot of energy - if your body is weakened, you should therefore take these foods for a while only to a lesser extent, or not having it.
What foods are digested and converted into energy, is highly individual. General recommendations:

* The following foods you should enjoy in moderation:
o sugar
o Coffee
o tea
o alcohol
o white flour
o yeast
o Red meat
* Are recommended:
o Fruit
o Vegetables
o Poultry
o (deep sea) fish
Depending on the variety, the effect of vegetables is very different. Above ground, growing vegetables provides the body with energy in general, while root vegetables can have a negative impact on the energy budget.

Food intolerances
If you are under chronic stress, it may be that you no longer tolerate certain foods. Milk or lactose intolerance occurs more frequently. It is advisable to forego the pleasure of incompatible foods, because their digestion requires more energy from the body.
If in doubt you can be examined by your doctor on a food intolerance. Your doctor will inform you about:

* Foods you can not tolerate
* Alternatives that you can eat
Variety in the diet
This gives your body the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals, you should put on a variety of food value. It can be problematic if you develop an intolerance to foods that are eaten frequently. In the investigation of food intolerance, you therefore get practical tips on food that you eat can substitute. It is however important to know that these incompatibilities can occur spontaneously and suddenly, for example, if you eat a certain food in too large quantities. If you suffer from burn-out syndrome, your body is particularly sensitive and therefore more susceptible to food allergies.

Vitamins and minerals
Make sure that sufficient nutrients, vitamins and minerals?
By the ongoing stress, your body is exhausted. For this reason, you may want nutrition supplements such as vitamin and mineral preparations eat. Especially recommended are antioxidants such as vitamin C. Even fatty substances such as fish oil or Efalex can be a valuable aid in the recovery process. In a milk or lactose intolerance the lack of calcium the body must be supplied separately.

Ginseng is often recommended for fatigue, and in this case also shows a good effect. If you suffer from chronic fatigue or burn-out syndrome, but you should be careful because covers the use of ginseng, the typical symptoms and you feel better, as it corresponds to the condition of your body. This can lead to some interested party will expect too much and burn-out syndrome worsens or recurs. There is evidence that not all species of ginseng have this effect.       
In general, you should be careful when you feel by taking a medicine or drug to quickly improve. Of pure fatigue, the body recovers naturally relatively quickly. For fatigue and burnout, there is no easy answer. Until the body is fully recovered and can withstand repeated stress, it takes time. A rapid improvement of symptoms is always superficial and at very low stress is a possible relapse.
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Physiotherapy / Massage

Stress and overload often leads to muscle tension in the neck, back, shoulders and jaw. With chronic stress and sustained tension, it is increasingly difficult for those involved to relax. The result can be headaches, jaw and back pain and the "mouse arm

Physical ailments and injuries should be treated by a physiotherapist.
Exercise / sport
Physical discomfort or injury can be a first indication that the affected area is weakened. In consultation with your physical therapist so you should as soon as possible, do exercises to restore mobility and prevent a recurrence.

Burn-out syndrome - a vicious circle
In the development of burn-out syndrome, several factors are involved, such as reinforcing a vicious circle:

* Stress, overload and depletion of energy reserves result in muscle tension
* Tight muscles make it difficult to relax and reduce the quality of sleep
* Due to the reduced sleep quality, it lacks the body to rest and energy
* Fatigue and weakness lead to increased muscle tension
* The lack of relaxation leads to a continuous increase in energy consumption
If this pattern is not interrupted, the risk of burnout syndrome continues to improve. There are various ways to break the cycle. Ideal is a combination of different strategies:

* Let sick leave or reduce your workload
* Strengthen your body's energy through acupuncture
* Improve your sleep quality
* Treat yourself to massages, to solve the muscle tension and recharge your energy reserves
Blood flow and energy
Through massage, the circulation of the entire body and improve muscle tension. It is the body able to draw new strength.   
Muscle blocks consume energy
Massage is helpful for physical ailments and injuries that result in increased energy consumption, such as disorders of binocular vision. In this condition the eye muscles suddenly blocked or rigid. This is a very serious problem that occurs only in the case of heavy congestion. Blocked from the body muscles require a greatly increased effort. Therefore, massage and exercise are important factors in the burn-out treatment.

Evening massage and heat Gentle massage in the evening to help you relax and ensure a restful sleep. To relax the muscles you can use a massager or simply a hot water bottle or the like.
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Common and usually harmless: otitis media in children

Berlin (dpa) - It is painful and uncomfortable: infants in the first year of life and young children aged under six often confronted with a middle ear infection. With proper treatment the symptoms are usually gone in a few days.
Middle ear infections are the most common reasons for attending a pediatric practice. "Almost every sick child to school at least once at the beginning of inflammation of the middle ear mucosa," says Prof. Reinhard Berner of the German Society for Child and Adolescent Medicine in Berlin. The ear pain is often preceded by an infection of the upper respiratory tract: "On the Eustachian tube, the Eustachian tube, bacteria or viruses get from the throat to the middle ear, causing inflammation."

The risk of otitis media is also enhanced by enlarged tonsils, allergies such as hay fever or passive smoking: "Smoking is more common in children of middle ear infections because their membranes are more susceptible to infections," says Berner. Drafts or cold do not - as often assumed - for the ear pain. "However, external factors, for example, increase cold feet, the susceptibility to infections in general."
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Bacteria reveal cancer

The intestinal flora is proving to be a reliable indicator of cancer: a high concentration of bacteria of the genus Eubacterium ramulus indicates precursors of tumors.
to count bacteria in the intestinal tract, could be a gentle alternative to colonoscopy. Because the type and number of certain bacteria provide a clear indication of whether there is imminent danger or if Krebsentwarnung can be given. The U.S. researchers have discovered in the medical and microbiological study of 91 subjects.

Eubacterium ramulus or Ruminococcus?
Thus, the bacterium Eubacterium ramulus in the intestines of people with polyps is present in large numbers. These polyps are often a precursor to cancer tumors. The bacterium Ruminococcus, however, is to prove highly concentrated only in those with no polyps. They have a low risk of developing colon cancer. The exact determination of the composition of the individual intestinal flora could therefore be suitable as an alternative to colonoscopy, the researchers believe to Tyler Culpepper from the University of Florida.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine

In contrast to traditional medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) from a holistic way of thinking is influenced. In Chinese philosophy, especially health means harmony between the organs and the Qi (Qi = vital energy, vitality). Many people feel sick, without the medicine diagnosed a disease. By the Chinese therapies can often be restored even in these cases the balance.

The Regena is in terms of TCM of the leading resorts in Europe, with two Chinese doctors who own a Chinese pharmacy, and many original and special applications.

Initial medical history and diagnosis
Episode History
Body acupuncture
- initial treatment
- Follow-up treatment
Combination therapy Acupuncture / Moxibustion
- initial treatment
- Follow-up treatment
Combination Treatment Acupuncture Cupping
- initial treatment
- Follow-up treatment
Ear acupuncture (with needle acupuncture)
Ear Acupuncture for addiction,
e.g. Smoking cessation, 3 treatments
Zhou Lin-energy light
Chinese medicinal therapy: formulation for 2 days
Tuina treatment by the TCM practitioner
Qi Gong - concentrative energy exercises
- in the group
- Single treatment
Tai Chi
- in the group
- Single treatment
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Double-awakens dormant bacteria infection

together When two or more different pathogens in a body, the disease course are more difficult than just by a pathogen. Doctors refer to co-infection.
Thus, the outbreak of a latent tuberculosis for years, because the person has been infected with HIV. Meeting pneumonia bacteria on flu viruses, it may lead to treatment with certain antibiotics to destruction of lung tissue. The interaction of these pathogens and discuss implications for the treatment of this Wednesday to international experts in the Hamburg Bernhard-Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine.

Flu viruses call out special reactions in the lung tissue. U.S. scientist Jonathan A. McCullers, this has been studied in mice. "Infections with influenza A viruses, the tissue damage so that there colonize bacteria such as pneumococcus and multiply, which has pneumonia with excessive inflammatory responses result," said co-organizer Prof. Ulrich Schaible from the Research Center Borstel in advance of the meeting.
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When work causes illness

Burn-out - the suffering of a modern society. Why the number of burned-growing.
The "Center for Disease Management" in Munich is - despite its somewhat odd name - for years a deserving institution: we study, for example, the question of why patients do not take as often as her pills, and promotes the rehabilitation of the mentally ill by "therapeutic Climbing" .

Since last year, however, have the "disease manager" (actually a department of the Klinikum rechts der Isar) to do almost more than they can deliver. For the team led by senior consultant Werner Kissling company also offers training and advice on mental disorders in the workplace "to. "The suicide series in France, many began to roll," says Kissling's assistant Rosmarie Mendel. There, for example, had the head of France Télécom go after within two years had taken 35 of his subordinates life. Mendel adds, was after the death of the soccer goalkeeper Robert Enke, the interest in the work of the "Center" better than ever before. The highpoint was the week before a conference to which of them gathered 450 representatives of companies and authorities from all over Germany in Munich. More than 200 applications had Rosmarie Mendel refuse for reasons of space.

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Cigarettes contaminated with bacteria

In commercially available cigarettes, researchers have sometimes hundreds of dangerous bacteria found. The question is, where the germs came from and if they can harm smokers.

As many a smoker should take the pleasure of inhaling: Cigarettes contain hundreds of different types of bacteria. The analysis shows the four major manufacturers - including products from Camel, Marlboro, Kool and Lucky Strike. Among the myriad germs cavort many pathogens.

"Commercially available cigarettes were jam-packed with bacteria - as we had expected," says study leader Amy Sapkota from the University of Maryland. "But we did not expect to find so many that cause human diseases." Together with our French colleagues analyzed the medical examiner environmental tobacco samples to the entire genetic material derived from bacteria. So far had been mostly content of the cigarettes tested for cancer-causing chemicals or other fine particles, the researchers explain in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives. "
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Bacteria form alliances

Even among bacteria, there are selfless benefactor. They help whole groups of microbes that resist the attack of an antibiotic.

As bacteria are supporting each other, discovered by U.S. researchers in the study of a colony of Escherichia coli bacteria, which they finally kicked daily increasing amounts of an antibiotic. Surprisingly, only a few bacteria actually develop a resistance to the drug, the scientists observed. Nevertheless, the colony grew steadily more resistant to the drug. The trick: The resistant individuals produced a messenger, who helped their fellows, to activate various defense mechanisms against the lethal substance. Accordingly, the emergence of resistant bacterial colonies completely different than previously thought, write Henry Lee from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in Boston and his colleagues in the journal Nature.
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Health hazard for cold start?

It is a fundamental debate: Is it or should not you? Experts say that is safe for healthy people running down to minus 15 degrees. Mostly, anyway.
Zero temperatures are no reason to stop the training. On the contrary, scientists from the universities of Dortmund and Münster sent in advance of the Olympic Games in Beijing, 50 athletes in the Polarium: In the short term, they had to endure in cooling chambers minus 120 degrees - and then complete a quick run-time (at normal temperatures). After six months their performance had improved significantly improves blood redistribution and increased oxygen supply. Cold can support the fitness that is apparently quite.

Many runners ask yourself whether they should move their training rather not inside. Although three of four going to run his own statements, because they love the experience of nature, a Forsa survey shows commissioned by the Afrika Korps. In the winter, but the enthusiasm mixed with doubts whether to use harm their health with their sport rather than.
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Overcome by sleep

For years, researchers try to solve the mystery of narcolepsy. Now even the vaccine against swine flu was under suspicion of causing the disease.
Six children and young people 12 to 4 p.m. years ill shortly after vaccination against swine flu in narcolepsy. The Swedish Drug Administration recently reported on its website. Subject so far have not provided sufficient prior information to prove a relationship between the disease and the vaccination clearly. In Finland, there were several cases of narcolepsy according to the H1N1 vaccine. As a result, the authorities recommended there, you no longer use one of vaccines.

Stamped on sleep caps and lazybones

Narcolepsy fight with a disturbed sleep-wake cycle. You are constantly tired. Whether for eating, cooking and shopping - completely unprepared and overwhelmed uncontrollably affected sleep. How many narcolepsy sufferers there are in fact, can be difficult to determine. Reason is that doctors often do not take the symptoms seriously or they confuse with signs of other sleep disorders. This often leads to misdiagnosis, which resulted in the narcolepsy incorrectly or not treated. For sufferers of the disease means a serious impairment. They are labeled as lazy and sleep caps or withdraw from shame and fear.
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